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I am a badass at boundaries, inner-child healing, and uncovering those deep subconscious blocks and trauma holding you back from living the life you know you want to live. I specialize in guilt, shame, and money which are all connected to our energetic centers of creativity, self-expression and personal power.  

I also specialize in working with spiritual entrepreneurs and helping you break the proverbial glass ceiling with your money story and OWNING your relationship to abundance, wealth, and cash.  If the words cash or money or receiving feel a little crunchy to you...good! Chances are you have an unconscious core wound keeping you from expanding. In our sessions, my clients usually tell me that they "know" the more money they make, the more they can serve.  BUT, something deep underneath is keeping them trapped.

I suffered 40 years of hating my life, living in a scarcity mindset, and struggling in the waters of what I didn't want--so I could discover what I did want.  I did it the hard way.  You don't  have to.

If you have found this page, chances are you are my people and I am here to help  you set and slay your greatest dreams and shatter glass ceilings so you can pull your ownself out of the darkness and into the light.

What if you could break FREE and feel GOOD about it?

I specialize in the Quantum Change Process™


The Quantum Change Process™ is a highly effective technique for accessing unresolved issues and old core belief systems that are buried in the unconscious, and resolving or letting go of the emotions linked to them. The Quantum Change Process™ is delivered in an individual 2-3 hour private session.

The Premise: Our Present Day Life is Built Upon Our Past
Your body holds a memory of every thought you have ever had, every word you have ever spoken, every word ever spoken to you, every action you have taken, every experience you have encountered, every single waking moment of your life. This also includes a memory of every emotion or deeply rooted feeling such as fear, guilt, abandonment, humiliation and shame, betrayal or rejection by those we love, or any other attack on your emotional well being. 

Each of these memories has a belief attached to it. Once a belief “anchors” in as a result of an adverse childhood experience or repeated insults to your emotional well being, a cyclical pattern of events is unconsciously initiated and you begin to repeatedly attract similar circumstances into your life. 

Every emotion, every thought, every belief attached to these memories is held in the body and may keep you stuck in old patterns. You may be prevented from living the life you want until the root of the issue is consciously released, thereby allowing the cycle to be broken.
What Are Your Beliefs and Why Are They Important?
What are your beliefs regarding love, relationships, health, finances, people, success, and your own self worth? Are these your own beliefs or were you taught or conditioned to believe a certain way? 

Your current reality is a reflection of everything you have learned to believe from life-long programming. Everything you think, feel, say and do is based on your beliefs. 

Your perception of yourself, the world around you, and how you interact and respond to it is based on your beliefs. We may achieve goals based on our beliefs and we may equally sabotage every hope and dream based on our beliefs. 

Most of our core beliefs are unconscious. Because our body and mind are deeply rooted in our unconscious, our thoughts and unresolved emotions cause disturbances in the energy levels within us. This, in turn, may manifest as physical illness or unhealthy emotional or behavioural patterns. 

We all want to believe that our conscious mind is running our life but in reality, it is our unconscious mind that influences and dictates our choices, our decisions, how we perceive our circumstances, and what we attract into our life. 

Therefore, it is essential to understand and clear old, limiting beliefs from your unconscious mind and replace them with positive, life affirming beliefs in order to live the life you consciously choose and desire.  
The Solution…
Alignment between the conscious and unconscious mind, and the integration of body, mind and spirit promotes change and personal growth on all levels. Using transformational processes, we access the core source of an issue and extract it from the root by: 

• identifying where and when the issue began 
• identifying who was involved 
• identifying the thoughts and emotions associated with the experience 
• identifying the self limiting core beliefs or painful patterns that were established at a much earlier time 
• clearing the issue through conscious understanding, forgiveness, compassion and acceptance 
• releasing the old, limited self negating beliefs, thereby 
• releasing the patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you 
• creating new beliefs consistent with who you really are, allowing you to be healthy, happy and fully alive 

This process and integration: 

• restores balance and vitality to the body ∙ mind ∙ spirit connection 
• resolves your issue or problem restores choice and freedom 
• renews confidence, self worth, self esteem, and self trust 
• puts you in touch with your true power 

This quantum level of grounding and lasting change may be experienced in just one fully integrated session.
What You Can Expect From a Session… 
• All sessions are safe, fully interactive and rely on involvement and ongoing communication between the client and practitioner. 
• A session begins by determining what it is you want or need to work on and establishing a specific intention. 
• Next, your body, mind and spirit are aligned to this intention using a non-invasive and specialized method of muscle testing that relies on Applied and Behavioural Kinesiology. 
• Communication with the unconscious mind is established through muscle testing. This quickly identifies any denial or unconscious resistance to change. Often, what the conscious mind wants and what the unconscious mind will allow are two very different things. 
• When you are in complete alignment, the muscle testing is used to identify the source of the issue: when it began, who it involved and who needs to be addressed. 
• During the final clearing stage, core beliefs are uncovered and old habits and patterns of self sabotage are released. 
• The unconscious mind is then reprogrammed with positive, life enhancing beliefs. These new beliefs are consistent with who your conscious mind knows you really are and will support you as you move forward in life fulfilling your goals, dreams and aspirations. 
• Each session is complete with follow-up material to support your continued growth. Maintaining positive and supportive beliefs will assist you in creating success in health, relationships, self esteem, self worth, spirituality, career path, prosperity, and your home life. 
•Sessions last two to three hours depending on the complexity of the issue and levels of unconscious resistance to change, and take place virtually through Zoom. 
• Pricing is $500.  Regular rate of $300/hour charged after 3 hours.
• Most clients notice a shift or change immediately following a session and the change continues to integrate over the hours, days and weeks ahead. 
• Clients benefit from adding on a few coaching sessions afterward to deepen the shifts and build a new path forward. Special package price is $1,111 for one (1)  Quantum Change Process™ and *three (3) 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions.  *May be combined for one (1) Quantum Time Release™.

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Quantum Time Release™

Quantum Time Release is a process of working with the unconcious to let go of old grief or trauma without diving into the content of those experiences. QTR allows you to process difficult experiences, emotions, and limiting beliefs easily and effortlessly. It gives you the space to do your shadow work efficiently so you can begin feeling freedom in setting personal boundaries. Release negative emotions, overcome limiting beliefs, and design the life of your dreams.

Personal Breakthrough

A 6-week 1:1 Private Breakthrough Program. Incredibly powerful and highly customized, a true transformational process that assists you in making extraordinary change. Free yourself from past hurts and disappointments keeping you from setting and slaying your boundaries for lasting change. Gain clarity and expand your vision. Increase your capacity to learn, grow and create results. Unleash your inner power and authenticity. Experience true happiness and fulfillment. Discover the leader within and step into your genius.

Personal Empowerment Coaching

Personal Empowerment Coaching is a 6-month Private, fully customized 1-1 coaching experience for those interested in being guided in creating a self-empowered, fulfilling and purpose filled life using mindset management, increased awareness and proven implementation techniques, all while tackling blocks or obstacles that arise using advanced tools in order to affect lasting change.

Ignite Your Heart:Yoga Embodiment Program

 A 9-month Group Coaching container focused on  ancient practices like yoga, intuitive development, meditation, mindfulness, breath work and yoga philosophy to live an empowered and joyful life while learning and understanding your own boundaries. Advanced tools of NLP and neurology are seamlessly weaved in to create lasting transformational change. 200 hr Yoga Alilance Certified. Hybrid training-may be attended in-person and/or via zoom.



I am single mother, have launched my baby birds, a grandmother, a yogi entrepreneur,  and a total badass at boundaries!  I resonate as a highly-sensitive person, empath, and you can totally catch me crying every day and feeling good about it.  I also live alopecia loud and proud.

 I LOVE saying NO and putting myself first--without guilt or shame.  

I have exchanged that Guilt and Shame for Respect.
Stress for Peace.
Obligation for Choice.
Resentment for Compassion.
Confusion and Loss for Clarity and Confidence.
And Self-hate for unwavering, non-negotiable Self-care and Self-love.

In Human Design,  I am a 4/6 Emotional Manifesting Generator with the gift of story and transformation through my voice.  I am a certified  Transformational Trauma-Aware Coach, NLP Practitioner, Certified Clinical Hypnotist, and Master Storyteller.  The magic of my work happens through guided meditations and creative visualizations.  

One of the biggest shifts I made in my life is when I dared to believe I was worth the time and money to finally invest in my own self and hire coaches and mentors to guide and support me.  It has made such a powerful and giant impact in my life that I don't see myself without a coach for a very long time.

There's something about being in a room surrounded by brilliant souls who are where I want to be and giving myself permission to be guided, loved and inspired by them.

I am also an eRYT 500hr Yoga Teacher and own and run my yoga school, Ignite Your Heart; a Reiki Master Teacher; and Intuitive Tarot Reader.   You can catch me leading Full Moon Tarot Ceremonies, teaching intuitive tarot, and possibly helping you ditch your soul-sucking day job in exchange for making a shit-ton of money doing something you actually love--like LIVING YOUR PURPOSE and sharing it with the world. I can help you blast through your limiting beliefs and unconscious blocks that keep you from living your best life.


Because I believe in myself  now.  I am no longer afraid of my own darkness or wake up feeling dread for the day, or wondering why life feels like it's always out to get to me.  I grew up thinking and feeling that boundaries were mean and rude--which ruined my life for years.  

I also grew up putting myself last on my own list because I was being a "good girl" and getting "pats on the head" when I was sacrificing myself for others.  It took me a long time to realize I was making myself sick by seeking validation from the outside and from others.  

I was an over-controlling-control-freak-door-mat-people-pleasing-co-dependent and often found myself in controlling and abusive relationships sucking my soul dry and dying a very long and very slow death.  

I was living every single day in absolute fear.  I shut down my own voice and joy so early on that I taught myself to survive by shoving all my feelings down a spiraling tunnel.

In 2002, I went through a heart-breaking divorce that brought me into a deep depression.  In my now 53 years , it was the worst time  of my life.  

BUT, it was also the BEST.  My entire self-worth hit rock-bottom and I felt stripped of all my identity and purpose.  That stripping away allowed me to begin again.   And I found myself on a journey of awakening.  

I realized that my inability to set and follow through with personal boundaries was the root of a lot of my pain.  And I set on a path to slowly understand and strengthen my boundary skillsets, get at the reasons why, and practice radical acts of self-care and self-love.  

I now live life every day feeling whole, complete, joyful, supported, and fully loved by the Universe.

Now, my inner-child healing game is strong and I work and play with her every day.  Fast forward, I found yoga in 2010, started my own business in 2012, and have been an entrepreneur ever since!  I put both my boys through college, gained  a beautiful daughter-in-law, and get to spoil my gorgeous granddaughter with oodles of love!  

That little girl makes me cry every day and reminds me that I broke the cycle of abuse for her so she can life a full life immersed in possibility, safety, and abundance.  I believe in a world where the generations underneath me will be surrounded with love and a community of people filled with compassion, vulnerability, and inner peace.

So what can I say?   Chances are we'll laugh and cry together as we rescue your inner-child and break generational curses for you and your loved ones.  

One of my  superpowers is meeting you right where you are, diving deep into all that is your shadow, and walking you through it and into your own light and purpose.   When we're done, my intention is that you'll rediscover your PERSONAL POWER and realize it was YOU all along.

I believe I am here to show you that there is more to life than just surviving and struggling.  

 I believe I am here to help guide you but not to lead you.  If I do my job well, then you won't need me when our work together is complete. 

Am I the right fit for you?

Well,  I can tell you people tend to be people-pleasers, doormats, co-dependents, highly-sensitive people, sensitives, intuitives, empaths, addicts, and cycle-breakers who are tired of their own bullshit.  They're tired of their sad stories and are READY to make the shift and invest the time, energy, and money into themselves.  

And if you made it this far, chances are we are meant to be working together.

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